6 Things to Know About Before You Travel to Spain

Geography: Spain consists of the Spanish ground, that occupies most of the peninsula (Portugal has the south-western edge), the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca) within the Med and therefore the Canaries of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote within the seas off the coast of Africa. The peninsula is split from the remainder of continental Europe by the Pyrenees. Spain is extremely mountainous – concerning one sixth of the country is over one,000m on top of water level. The centre of Spain forms Associate in Nursing large meseta or upland, that stretches from the mountain range within the north to the Sierra Morena within the south.

It is the fourth-largest country in Europe (after Russia, the country Associate in Nursingd France) and spreads from the Bay of Biscay – an arm of the ocean – within the northwest to the Strait of Rock of Gibraltar within the southeast. The major rivers ar the Ebro, Guadlaquivir, Júcar, Tajo, Duero, and Guadiana.

Religion: preponderantly Roman Catholic, with pockets of Protestants, for details of churches see here, Muslims and atiny low person population (mainly from Morocco). There also are calculable to be around five hundred,000 Roma (gypsies), in the main within the larger cities.

Time: Central European Time, universal time + one hour. GMT+ a pair of hours from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in Gregorian calendar month.

Electricity: the present in Spain is 220V 50hz. North yankee appliances would require Associate in Nursing device, and United Kingdom plugs can would like a 2-pin device, simply obtainable in most cities. a small few the older hotels and hostels still have 125V circuits, which suggests some equipment (including laptops) will not work for detailed info try here.

Emergency telephone numbers (free-phone):

  • Our 999 in Spain Tel: 112
  • Ambulance Tel: 061
  • Fire service Tel: 080
  • Resort Police in larger cities Tel: 092 or in small resorts and villages Tel: 062

Telephone: the most operator is that the erst state-owned company Telefónica, UN agency still retain the monopoly on native calls.

Most public payphones can settle for coins and pre-paid phonephone cards: most newsagents, post offices and tobacconists sell pre-paid Telefónica cards in denominations of €6, €12 and €30. Calls ar cheaper when 8pm throughout the week and every one day at weekends. Phones in bars and cafés typically have dearer rates than public payphones.

To call the UK from Spain, dial 0044, wait till the tone changes to the next pitch, and so add the and therefore the remainder of the number minus the primary zero if there’s one. Calling Spain from the UK, the country code is 0034.

Within Spain, all phonephone numbers should be dialled fully, as well as the town code, although you’re vocation variety within the same town.

Spanish Post Offices (Correos) : Post offices ar usually terribly grand (particularly in Madrid) and ar marked with a signal voice communication Correos. Sadly, the name of the Spanish mail service doesn’t live up the design of its offices, and is notoriously unreliable.

Don’t post something valuable or necessary unless you have got to, and even then send it via the communicating Exprés system, that is on the market the least bit post offices and guarantees next-day delivery to provincial capitals and 48-hour delivery elsewhere in Spain.

Postboxes, marked Correos y Telégrafos, are yellow. Most tobacconists (estancos, marked with a brown and yellow symbol) sell stamps (sellos).

Business hours: the conventional gap hours for outlets ar Mon to Sat from about 9 to 10am, lunch around 1.30pm to around 4pm closing at 8pm or 9pm. massive chain stores, department shops and looking malls can typically open all day. Most shops, as well as the supermarkets, shut on Sundays.

August is the peak time for tourist from the UK to go on their annual holidays and most of these people will choose Spain as their destination. There are several sorts of holiday that you can choose when you go to Spain, the basic, sel catering, or the minimal, bed and breakfast, to the more essential of half or full board and right up to the plush, all inclusive holidays in Spain. You can find a good selection of all inclusive types from this site.

Most museums ar closed on Mon (or sometimes Tuesday), and are open in the mornings on Sunday. Hours modification with the seasons, and therefore the official hours you’ll see fastened to the door of smaller museums ought to be treated as a really general guide.

Several of the larger museums, like the Prado in Madrid, have late gap nights throughout the week. Most museums ar closed on national holidays.

Banks typically open at nine in the morning to two in the afternoon five days per week, and  only nine to one on Saturdays, although in some parts of Spain there it is different during summer.

Spanish pharmacies (farmacías) ar known by a Ne inexperienced cross, lit once open. They co-ordinate their days and hours of closure thus there’s invariably somewhere to shop for medication, and details of the closest pharmacy on night or weekend duty are going to be announce on any pharmacy door.

e-mailing and the Internet: large resorts and some towns have some internet cafes; the web has come into being here and costs ar typically terribly cheap.

Coin-operated net machines is found within the traveller info offices, train stations and looking malls of most massive cities.

Like the United Kingdom, a number of the phonephone firms ar introducing payphones that incorporate Associate in Nursing internet/e-mail facility, however these ar to this point restricted to the terribly massive cities like Madrid and metropolis.

Tipping: Taxi drivers ought to be tipped concerning 5-10 per cent of the quantity marked on the meter. building porters ought to incline €0.60-1.20 for every item of baggage they carry to your space on arrival.

Spanish people seldom leave restaurants or bars any tips, however if they’re going to leave some coins from their leftover cash they will although not more than €3. Tourists are typically expected to go away a little additional – reckon going away concerning ten per cent in restaurant