Guesthouses Hotels

You will be able to locate several types of accommodation units, in almost all the tourist destinations and of course all of these will go well with various situations and will suit almost all types of pockets. The list includes luxurious, medium-sized and small hotels, homestays, self-catering style apartments, small lodges, farmhouses, cottages and also guest-houses. A guest-house can be either a diminutive house, which is located adjacent to the main house or a separate individually existing boarding house. In both cases, the main intention is providing accommodation to tourists or visitors as paying guests, which means that the guests will have to pay for the sleeping place and also for the served food items.

A guest-house is slightly different from a hotel or a B&B and in the first case it is not as big or convenient as a hotel, while it is much larger than a B&B. A hotel provides you with many kinds of facilities and services, which makes your stay completely comfortable. In a guest-house, you can’t expect to get all the services and amenities that you find in a hotel. In other words, it is just a larger extension of a main house, with some private rooms, a spacious lounge area and a dining room, apart from the common or single bathrooms.

In a guest-house, the host or the hostess will be living inside the guest-house or very near to it and will serve the visitors food and drinks, as per their desire and needs. A very good thing about a guest-house is that, you will get a family atmosphere, even though you will be too far away from your actual home!