Andorra Hotels

Andorra – country and people

In the best manner of Gaul, the small Principality of Andorra is surrounded by the Pyrenees. Between France and Spain is by no means – tucked away but is one of the smallest States in Europe. Only State of our Earth, it might have two foreign heads of State. The President of France and the Bishop of Uriel, the right and the obligation to keep a watchful eye on Andorra have in common. But neither France nor the Church power in Andorra. Since 1993, Andorra is a parliamentary Principality, so that the tasks of both heads of State only representative kind. Who has the choice, the spoilt? Luckily Andorra had not long torment is at the choice of the capital, because the capital Andorra la Vella – with approx. 22,500 inhabitants–is also the only city of the Principality.

The climatic conditions of the Pyrenees State

Thanks to its geographical location the microstate can offer almost everything, what the heart desires. Only beach must be avoided. In the summer it gets cold up to 16.6 degrees in the Pyrenees the average boiler State warm and in the winter the average 0.7 degrees Celsius. Temperatures draw friends throughout Europe the mountains under their spell, because in the summer, they are ideal for hiking and in winter for skiing. Although Andorra is manageable with a State area of 468 square kilometers, it is one proud 65 mountain peaks that exceed the 2000 meters. The roof of Andorra is the coma Pedrosa with breathtaking 2942 meters.


The journey through the mountains

Many roads lead not only to Rome, Andorra also has a total of 6 main roads that run through the country. Tourists, who travel to Andorra from Spain, use mostly the border crossing General y- which runs through the Valera Valley South of Sant Julia de Loria. When one travels from France to Andorra, no wide choice remains one. Only East of Pas de la Casa on the CG 2, you can continue the journey to Andorra. The journey can be made exclusively through the streets, because the landlocked country has no railway system, and no own airport. But who does not have a car, but can travel to Andorra. A total of eight bus lines of the international bus transport network Clipol bring tourists from France or Spain in the Pyrenees State every day. There is the possibility to control the international airports in Barcelona or Toulouse with a flight from Germany to continue from there.


Hotels and the Andorra experience

A variety of art-historical treasures are in the heart of the European small State. Churches, chapels and bell towers both from Roman and medieval period have been preserved between the mountains of the Pyrenees and enchant tourists with a bygone world. In particular seven churches should be visited: Sant Joan de Casella’s, Sant Roma de les bones, Sant Marti de la Corinda, Sant Clement de PAL, Sant Coloma, Sant Cefni de Anglo, Sant Miquel d ´ Entoleters.

Food and beverages in the land between the mountains

Who found already the path between the mountains as a tourist to Andorra, which should relax? The cuisine of the country between the mountains is not only impressive, but is also a real treat for the palate. The traditional cuisine is strongly influenced by the Catalan cuisine. The most popular dishes